Nokofin is in the business of helping people manage credit.For over 10 years we have been assisting consumers on how to remove debt review from itc  But that’s not all, sometimes a loan my not be the answer,we can mediate between your self and the credit providers for you to pay reduced installments in a process called debt mediation instead of you taking a loan.If you do decide to take loan we pride ourselves on making sure that the short term loans that you qualify for are manageable and easy to understand. That way you stay in control of your finances,because loans while under debt review is not possible we will make sure that we begin  the debt review removal process so as to ensure that there is nothing stopping you from being approved.
Many of our customers say they are satisfied with us and that is because ,we ensure that you only borrow what you can afford to repay.
We make our agreements as easy and straightforward as possible .
We believe in responsible lending. Our agents will aim to only lend you what you can afford to repay.
Our business is built upon the relationships with you our customers.

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LOAN SOURCING- We help client with finding loans personal loans of up to R150 00.00, as a specialist in loans. We have access to lenders across South Africa. Who specialize in assisting clients who have a bad credit history and as such we help to find any type of purpose. We arrange loans for people who have default and judgments against them. We offer you exactly the same loan you would get if you went directly to the lender, we only go to them for you. There are no hidden cost involved, it’s simple easy and fast so get started from the comfort of your office or house