Home loans for debt review clients

Getting home loans for debt review clients isn’t as easy as you would expect mainly because debt review is a legal process making it illegal to get extra credit for anyone who is under review.The NCA (National Credit Act) introduced the debt review process for debt review clients in order to help them overcome their over-indebted situation without access to further credit, home loans or payday loans. This therefore makes the granting of loans for debt review clients unlawful for a bank or lender as it would be in contravention of the NCA (National Credit Act).

However, whilst getting home loans for people under debt review is basically against the law, the only option available to you is to first terminate from the debt review process and clear your itc there after you may apply for any loan, if you still experiencing financial burden from debts we can still arrange to make reduce payments directly with your creditors with out the debt review process.  

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