Removing debt review status on ITC

Having a bad Credit Record can have a devastating effect on your life. You can’t buy the things you want, open a bank account or even get that job you have dreamed of. We are specialists at removing debt review flagging on ITC.

 To be under debt review means that you have a bad credit record. This is probably because you have not paid a shop or other company to which you owed money or perhaps you did not pay them on time or perhaps you could not afford to pay them what originally agreed with them.

Being under debt review can have a very bad effect on your life. If you debt review status on ITC you will probably find it very difficult to buy anything on credit or get any type of finance. It might even be difficult to open a bank account or get a job.  It is never a good idea to be under debt review and if you are, it is important to clear your name as soon as you can, 

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