voluntary withdrawal from debt review

if you do not or cannot settle the accounts placed under debt review or apply with high court to declare you no longer over-indebted, the debt review notice will stay indefinitely on your credit bureau profile

Sad but true, a very unfair decision has been made by the powers that being and imposed upon consumers who wish to withdraw from the debt review program, and for some strange reason, all players and bodies in the consumer/credit affairs think and agree that this imposed decision is in the best interest of the consumer. The unfair decision is stating that a Consumer can no longer Voluntarily Withdraw from a voluntary transaction (Debt Review) by merely informing the Debt Counselor that they wish to withdraw. It has now been decided that All debt review withdrawals can only be finalized by the High Court by issuing an order that the consumer is no longer over-indebted. It is perplexing why the termination of this transaction suddenly involves the high court when no court processes/procedures where involved  or even mentioned in the application for the debt review service 

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